Mohsen Hassani - محسن حسنی

About Me

My skills

Web Development 90%
DevOps 80%
PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLAlchemy 80%
Virtualization, QMU, Libvirt 75%
Mobile App Programming 80%

About me

Being born under the Capricornus or "the goat" sign, I am incredibly practical and resourceful, patient and disciplined. I'm always working in one way or another towards a better and more prosperous future. I don’t like to just sit around all day merely talking about my dreams… I prefer to go out and make it HAPPEN!

I began my work experience journey from Python programming, then Web developing and now being fond of Linux, I'm having very much fun learning new tools and working as a DevOps.

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Here is a short list of my educational resumes.

I'm always learning new stuff and experiencing new technologies.

2011-Current time


Grade : A

I got hired in a programming company while I was studying my 2nd year in Aptech Academy.


Aptech WorldWide
Year 2

Grade : A+

My enthusiasm for English language and computer science led me to Aptech Worldwide in which I had to learn computer in English language, which was the turning point of my life.


Aptech WorldWide
Year 1

Grade : B

After learning English, listening to a French song tempted me to learn French language. So spending almost two years learning French as I was a university student in Aptech, I managed to finish French classes.



Grade : A+

Being interested in computer in my latest teenager years, I participated in computer classes for getting my second diploma, computer & programming.


Computer Diploma

Grade : A+

I received my English diploma certificate after finishing high school.


English Diploma

Work experience

Work experience

My work experiences are as follows.

Pure Python Programming

When I got hired in my university teacher's company, my goal was merely getting to know how you prepare & deliver projects to customers. I began using Linux and entered the fun world of open source technologies. Everything was almost new to me.


Python Programmer

Web Development

Getting acquainted with open source, Debian & Python, I continued my technical profession working as a Web Developer. I chose Django + Python which was somehow new at that time. I mostly did server side programming, and sometimes client side scripts. No designing though.


Web Developer


With my enough knowledge about Linux operating system, I got hired as a Programmer & SysAdmin in a VOIP firm.


Programmer & SysAdmin

Desktop Virtualization firm

I'm currently working as a DevOps in a desktop virtualization company.




Recent Projects

Here is a short list of my public websites.
Most of my works, as of a DevOps & Web Developer are used in private Intranets and servers.


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Contact me

Phone Number: +98 901 774 7004
WhatsApp/Telegram: +98 901 774 7004

Please feel free to send me messages, emails or make phone calls.